Successful test firing of Ofet 10 satellite from Israel


epa04161245 A handout picture supplied by the Israeli Defense Ministry on 10 April 2014 shows the successful take off launching of the ‘Ofek 10’ satellite on a ‘Shavit’ satellite launcher, from an unnamed Israeli Air Force test range, Israel, 09 April 2014. The defense ministry announced the satellite entering its orbit around the Earth after undergoing tests to confirm its accurate performance, and began transmitting data and visual material. The defense ministry said the Ofek 10 is an observation remote-sensing satellite that employs synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology with advanced ‘high-resolution’ imagery, capable of operating day or night and in all weather conditions. The first of the Ofek series of advanced satellites was launched in 1988. EPA/ISRAELI DEFENSE MINISTRY QUALITY FROM SOURCE HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES


публикувано на: 14/04/2014

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