Partial solar eclipse in Jerusalem


epa04671374 Evangelical Christians lift up their Shofars, or ram’s horns, as they sound the call of the Jews to gather during a joint prayer by Jews and evangelical Christians who pray together at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, at Robinson’s Arch celebrating and honoring the ‘blood moon’ or the partial solar eclipse taking place in Jerusalem’s Old City, 20 March 2015. A particular evangelical pastor believes the ‘blood moons’ are linked to a time beginning with a tragedy and ending with triumph for the Jewish people, and they called a prayer at the exact height of the eclipse, attracting several dozen of participants, mainly Christian pilgrims to the prayer. In Israel only some seven per cent of the sun is blocked out in shadow as the main eclipse is much further north closer to the Arctic. EPA/JIM HOLLANDER


публикувано на: 20/03/2015

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